Best books on Amazon?

How about some recommendations from you all about your favorite REI books on Amazon?

There are so many…fortunately the great thing about Amazon is that it has product reviews w/each product.

But…you can always start at your local library.

The review on Amazon are mostly useless. There are dozens of books all professing to be great. I’m asking YOU GUYS for your favorite books. Don’t have any?

I really like Mike Butler’s Landlording On Autopilot which can be found on Amazon.

He makes a great case for acquiring a rental portfolio strictly comprised of single family homes, (not multi-family units).

He’s a former cop that built up a portfolio of 75 rentals while still working full time as a police officer. As a cop, I value his reasons for going the SFH route…good rationale.

I also like the Section 8 Bible found on Amazon. Written by two guys from the City of Philadelphia that built up a portfolio of 300 rentals, (comprised almost exclusively of Section 8 tenants). They tell it like it is and hold nothing back. Some good color photos too.

Propertymanager’s book, (you can find it at the bottom of the verbage on his postings at this site), is still high on my list. Why? He got me straight on what type of purchase price you need to be at in order to truly have positive cash flow.

If one’s intention is to provide housing to lower income tenants, (pretty hard to cash flow a $150,000 home), I think the combination of these 3 books provide a really good backbone to work with.


What do you guys think about the types of books like, Dave Lindahl’s, “Emerging Real Estate Markets”?

I usually don’t buy books from amazon…I prefer to get from library :biggrin