best bang for the buck...

Hello all,

I am trying to minimize my overhead and am wondering what other investors have noticed as their best bang for the buck concerning marketing. Bandit signs? letters? flyers? etc.

I am doing a little bit of everything, but I was just curious.

P.S. I am young and without alot of money ;D

By the way, if anyone knows a place that sells bandit signs for CHEAP I will tell them you sent me. I think I have been to most of the websites so I have an idea about how much, but I just thought I would ask some of the senior’s.

Thanks again.

The best bang for my buck has been in 5 places:

  1. Website
  2. business cards
  3. Magnetic sign for my truck
  4. Free long distance on my phone
  5. Talking to as many people as I can and giving them my business cards that have my website and email.

Direct mail using either postcards or letters is usually considered to be one of the best bang-for-buck marketing strategies.

Can you tell me where would I get a website for cheap and what would I need on it?


I would reccommend As for what to put on it? Well your contact info. and if you keep an inventory of homes pics of the houses you currently have available. Also an explanation of what you’re looking for in a home, or a deal and what exactly it is that you do helps. A form for your potential buyers and sellers to contact you through, perhaps even a form for a bird dog to contact you IF you use bird dogs.

If you decide you don’t like try 1&

I agree with Red. I’d also suggest you learn about lead generation and marketing in general to help you put it all together with mailing, classifieds, etc.

Have some reason for them to come to your site. Think about it, would you drive across town to visit a salesperson for the privilege of being pitched to? Probably not without getting something in return, so don’t make your site look like one big advertisement. Put up a special report, ebook, free thing you’ll send them, etc. Then all your ads have to say is, “Come to my web site and get this free thing you need.”

Remember everything you publish, every ad you place, every sentence out of your mouth needs to answer one question and one question only. It is the most important question in the world, and it is the reason that clients will either choose you or move on. The question you ask?

WIIFM? “What’s In It For Me?”

You need to give them a REASON to do business with you. That reason isn’t going to be to help you it’s got to be something that profits them. It’s just that simple. No matter what forum you advertise in realize that every time information is given to another person about your business in any way it is advertising. And as long as your advertising answers that one question you will have business. Well, provided you’re doing things legally and making people feel comfortable dealing with you.

I only use:

  1. Free Online Advertising (my favorite)
  2. Phones

Why only those? Because it has worked wonders for me for the past yr.

I’ve also learned that…

The Bold Headline Is What Makes Or Brakes A Sale (Deal) :wink:

Pearl :wink:

Hi Pearl,

I would love to know what websites with FREE online advertising has worked for you. I have had good luck with

Shelley :slight_smile:

I would love to know what websites with FREE online advertising has worked for you. I have had good luck with

Shelley :slight_smile:

Hi Shelley,

I get 100% of my homebuyers from Free Online classifieds like craigslist and similar ones (I place ads in every free classified I can find through googles/yahoo search - just type “free classifieds”) becasue this way my ads gets peppered all over the net automatically :slight_smile:

I get approx. 90% + of homeseller deals via phone and the rest via email

Pearl :wink: