Best Audio CD's

Rather than wasting my time in my car I think I am going to get a couple of Audio investing CD’s to listen to. Anybody have any good suggestions?

Merle Haggard’s 12 Greates Hits!

LOL…maybe not what you’re looking for. I have my $40 (E-bay) Carleton Sheets CDs that I listen to sometimes…my longest commute is about 12 minutes, though!


Check with your library…

You might be able to find Dolf de Roos’s, Real Estate Riches.

I think combining audio, (CD), with books…is an excellent strategy for shortening your learning curve time.

Dolf covers a lot of bases…generalistic, but a very good eye opener.


Way to go!!! Let’s here some love for Merle

…and he’s coming to town on October 29th…Woo Hoo!