Bernanke Saved Oblama's Bacon

The day after Oblama sent the Dow to its worst showing since 1997 Bernanke said the right things to make the investors less worried and brought the Dow back up 236 points after the 250 point loss yesterday.
Tonight will tell the tale of whether he has learned anything in the past month or not. Some of the promises he has made are so preposterous its starting to make everyone a little nervous unless you’re a died in the wool Democrat and think he can do no wrong.
I can hardly wait until the market opens tomorrow to see if I need t dig the fallout shelter a little deeper or not.

I’m not sure he single handedly sent it lower. I think the big issue is the lack of SPECIFICS in regards to an ACTUAL plan. How can investors know how to position themselves if they can’t asses the risk/reward? I don’t think OBama said anything different than a campaign speech. We need to see a line by line specific plan in order to make investment/buying decisions. It would also help consumers feel like there ACTUALLY IS A PLAN and its going to work. There is such a huge amount of trust and fear with consumers and investors that eveyone’s just taking the “bunker mentality” until its safe to come out.