being foreclosure on

I have a tenate who walked out on me and I don’t have the cash flow to maintain the mortgage. I’m thinking of letting it get foreclosed on. What is it I can expect in a foreclosure?

Sorry about your situation. Try not to get your house foreclosed on…the best thing is to either refinance or have a quick sale, so you could save your credit. Foreclosure will affect your credit.

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You may be facing insecurity, fear, anxiety, anger, and, of course, depression.

These feelings also cause people to make poor money management decisions.

These poor decisions can lead to heavy debt loads, and start a vicious cycle of fear, anxiety, and panic that never seems to end.

Sounds like you are having feelings of helplessness and hopelessness and I know they are so overwhelming for you

Your situation is not hopeless.

With just a little you can overcome this foreclosure.

There are strategies you can use like:

Straight Sale
Sale by assumption
Foreclosure Presale
Compromise Sale
Deed in Lieu
Sale/Leaseback or Deedback
Hard Bargaining

Post some details and let’s see what can be done.