Beginning with little money

Just wondering if anyone can help me understand some different ways to find properties to wholesale with little to no advertising money to get the owners to come to me.

Stand on street corner with sandwich board, knock on doors, tell every body you know/don’t know you are a home buyer. Sign up with every Realtor in you town, goto local RE club. Flyers at grocery stores, coffee shops, tell your hair dresser and the guy who does your nails.
Decal adds on your car/bicycle/skateboard. Tell every one at church, school news letter, signs on the perimeter fence at the local High school. Collect Realtor email addresses and send them your RE needs regularly. Sign in your front yard, neighbors yard, sign on all your friends cars, assuming you have friends. Hand outs at the entrance/exit of the next monster truck/dirtbike/gun show.Tell all you inlaw/outlaws your new business. Mail letters get addresses from the obit’s . Oh and get free biz cards from

Here’s to your phone a ringin’ :beer Darin

And start emailing people off craigslist and posting ads there as well, its free. There are tons of sellers there and some are sure to have good deals for you.

Skip going out to eat a couple of times each month and you can afford postage to send letters to owners of vacant properties. It is all about priorities. If you need to come up with a little money to do some marketing I bet you can find some.

If I could do that I will have been rich by now and I will not have extra pounds.