Beginning Investor

I am a beginning investor, with very little income to actually get started investing in real-estate. I have been bird-dogging which is teaching me alot about finding motivated sellers, how much equity i should look forward when making deals etc.

The question always comes up, where should i start first. I say pre-foreclosures, but then that will take me to do title search, tile insurance, paying back arrears, etc. Well thats still little bit over my head to have to cover possible mortgage payments along with my payments.

Then i say Bank-Reo which 9 times out of 10 the title search has been completed, but then most of them houses are been sold as is, which then i would have to do some rehab work, which i could do majority of the work until i can find some very good realtive speaking contractors to take that task and i can concentrate more on buying and selling.

Does anyone have any other ideas a Beginning Investor should start at. I know about the Hard money lenders. Just looking for some good solid advice.