Beginner wholesaler needs advice

I’m just getting started in the wholesale business. My goal is to become a full time REI flipping properties, but I figured it would be best for me to start at bird-dogging. OK this is the deal on the table:

I’ve been looking at these two properties in a great location its 2 blocks from downtown and near the college which could become student housing. The owner also has an agent.

The Deal:

It’s a 2 for 1 deal, both properties for 140k with demo because one of them has fire damage and has to be demo the other just needs to be renovated or also demo. With this offer the seller has financing all set up. If I come up with my own financing the price is 75k or 80k for both with out demo. And the comps in the area are around 120k to 180k. I think it’s a great deal if I had the money I would like to rehab it myself. :wink:

I would like to put it under contract and assign it to a REI, but how do I start this process do I use the agents contract? Or do I make one up? And what clauses should I have in it?

Im sure u would agree I definitely need help :-\


im NOT an investor that has property yet but I am working on it but I would say since it Seems you already have the number down, if you dont DO them, but I would get a hard money loan (if I could nto get a loan from the bank) and buy the RE myself…