I’m new at investing. And I mean NEW. would like to get as many tips as possible to how I can get started in the buisness. As far as finding good wholesales and how do I set up the contract with a seller? Also how do you find buyers to quick sale too? I know first off I need to make connections with other investors as yourselves who may be interested in buying wholesale from me. But really I just want any advice available. If I make money, you all can make money. Let’s negotiate.

I suggest you get an education in wholesaling. It’s an easy process but you shud know what your doing b4 you jump in blindly.
I’m, not sure if I can get away with promoting my book on this site. But in a few years I’ve done a lot of deals & it’s changed my financial life.
My book is now available on Amazon Kindle for only $2.99 introductory offer but it will go up.


I think this site allows people get away with plenty enough. Plenty,

You can at least share with us the title of your manuscript? I searched Amazon but did not find it.

Oh yea, it’s called “Big Buks Junk Houses”
Only $2.99


Ah, I read the intro at Amazon for free.

I like your writing. Who did you hire to write the book for you?

It also says your family had a carpentry business and gave you a job. Have you ever applied for a job?

Has the amount of wholesaling deals subsided any since you began wholesaling? It soundslike you got in when the market was hot for wholesaling.

In your email to me, you typed you have wholesaled over 900 houses. Is that a typo? Sounds high. How many have you wholesaled recently?

You have wholesaled all these houses and bought a tropical house and cars and luxury items. But have you ever invested in real estate yet?

Haha, I wrote the frikin book myself, I paid a guy to edit it for me but he wasn’t really very good at that, several times I had to send it back to him to get the spelling and grammar errors fixed. I think I embarrassed him, me a flunky ex-construction worker that never finished HS pointing out his multiple errors. He was a college grad with degree in writing not editing so I forgave him.

Did I ever apply for a job? WTF? For over 30 years I had to submit bids and go on interviews to convince builders I or we were the ones for the job. Lots of competition. Most of the jobs we got bcuz I got good at presenting a professional appearance and we were reliable and didn’t do drugs or alcohol like most of the other subs.

And no I havnt done 900 deals, were do you get this misinformation? Go back and review ur emails.
As of a few weeks ago I just completed my 50’th deal, it cud be a little less or a little more, I lost count.
And no I havnt purchased any rental properties yet, but I will.
If you got 3 buks I suggest you get my book, I dont hold back, everything in the book is what I do to slam deals.

And no, there are not less wholesaling deals, there will always be distressed sellers, junk properties in any economy. There will always be people getting older, people losing jobs, having to move and having financial problems.
Get your head out of that dark place, get a better attitude and make some money.

Just bought the book. Looking forward to reading it.