Beginner Seeking Advice on Fundraising


I am a young college student. I have always wanted to be a real estate investor. I can remember at age 10 getting excited about infomercials on real estate. The question I have is I am a 22 year old female I am in debt out of work and in school. How can I raise funds for deals that may require me to put a little down, and are there any investors out there looking to split the profits like you hear all the time on the infomercials 50/50. I am even willing to go 60/40 until I can gain enough capital for my own deals. Any Ideas?

I get what you mean. I’m also a college student at the University of North Texas. We are one of the few schools who has a real estate program. I was wondering if anyone out there knew of any grants for people who don’t have any money, and are in debt. The main thing that I want to get into is section 8 housing. I want to buy houses, and turn them into section 8 housing. Are there any grants out there for that? Thank you all for your time.

Im new also, even younger 19! The key to me seems to be hard money lenders. But they only loan 80% of value. So you have to find a deal that has a high profit margin that you can flip quickly. You need to build up some money so that you can qualify for a low interest loan. The reason being is that most hard money lenders charge 10-15% which can ruin the deal if you let the loan sit too long.

Welcome to the board!

Congrats on starting early. Don’t let your age slow you down. I started when I was 25 and my wife started when she was 19.

I think you guys are trying to walk before you crawl. You don’t need any money to be a bird dog or a wholesaler. All you need is time to find the deals.

Wholesale a few deals and put some money in the bank before you try to do a rehab or become a landlord.

I’d advise you all to go to your local REI meetings and find out who the real players are. Just ask, they aren’t hard to find. See if you can do an internship for them.

You’ll be ahead of most investors before you get out of school if you do that.