Beginner Real Estate Investor - Need Your 2 Cents Worth

I have an LLC and have one rental property. Bought for $67k, monthly note of $637, rents for $735, property valued at $85k and in good shape. Is this a keeper? Anyone have a good way to value a property? I’m in year two of owning this thing and don’t know if I should sell and use the proceeds to buy another one or if I should keep and let the money roll in.

With little to no cash and little equity, how do you recommend that I keep building upon the first investment? Your comments are appreciated. Thanks

You have a property that has a note of $637 that rents for $735…I guarantee that you actually have a negative cashflow…there is no way that the $98 delta between your rent income and your mortgage payment will cover ALL of the expenses…


Forget about whether you “…should keep and let the money roll in”. The money’s gonna roll all right but it ain’t gonna be in!


What is your plan if the tenant moves out and you need to replace the carpet if you have no money? and how will you handle the payments if you have couple of months vacancy?

Since you owned it for a year, then you can more less figure out if you have positive or negative cash flow (minus vacancies and repairs since it is too early).

You could sell, but can you find another good deal?

Are you investing in keepers for long term retirement, or want cash now?

It depends on your credit and the types of properties you want to buy. You can do zero down investment loans now a days you know?

You need to get rid of this property asap, you are losing about $250 a month because of this property.


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there is no way that the $98 delta between your rent income and your mortgage payment will cover ALL of the expenses...


AMEN! Preach it Keith!


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