Beginner Question

Will i learn how to invest into real estate if i read the free ebook they offer. Is it worth downloading?

Howdy xjonnyutahx:

If you could learn it from reading one book life would be a dream. It takes some experience and time. You may need a mentor or partner or someone to help you. Maybe joining a club in you area would be helpful as well. One of my ex-partners read all the books he could find on real estate investing but still had no idea how to buy a property to save his soul.

Download anything you can free and read and learn and then go buy a duplex.


If you’re serious about beginning with the RE Investing, read as much as you can to become as smart as you can, learn from the teachings of others.

This is why those who can do! and those who won’t don’t!

You need to become smarter that the real estate agents, the buyers, the sellers, and have the answers, to be creative in your offers, to understand the market, to know how to create those deals that make you money.

You won’t learn it, just by reading one point of view, but you will find out if you have what it takes, if you can read those books. Go to the library, the books are free there too!

Nothing will be given to you, without working for it.

Yes its worth downloading but don’t stop there. Read more. Take a seminar or two. Ask investors questions and advice. And buy ASAP.