beginner please help with first buy.

I hear alot about no money down deals, I have a 750 credit score how do I buy something with no money down? I was thinking of buying in Baltimore area does anyone have any experience in this market?

No money down with a 750 credit score? Find a good, preferrably referred, mortgage broker in your area that offers 100% NOO loans. Should be fairly easy.


Is it possible to get money to cover some small renovations and maybe to cover the mortgage for about six months? I’ve heard of this just don’t know how to go about it

Howdy Movistar:

Some conventional lenders will escrow $$ for repairs You can also get owner to carry a second.

I too want help w/first purchase. I am thinking a buying a home in mesa/AZ. Hacienda de valencia. 1000 sqft.
or so. 100k. thinking of renting it out. Age qualified community. What do you think? Price is cheap. What
is your experience in renting to “age qualified” renters?
Is mesa any good, etc.

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Baltimore is really hot right now - there are streets that are sizzling right next to the worst ghettos you could stand to see. Your best bet might be to go to the website and make a post there. I know there are some Baltimore people who post here but that organization is based in Baltimore and you probably could get some good responses there based on your needs/wants.
You do have a great credit score and should get a n/o/o no problem.

Fannie and Freddie have programs that will allow as much money out as you need for improvements (escrowed and depends on type of improvements). They will also allow a 2% DTI Stretch with the program (Purchase more house).

Pat Lawson