Beginner needs advice

I’m am a loan officer for a mortgage broker in Phoenix AZ
I stumbled accross this site while looking for hard money for a client. Well now that I know how easy it is to get financing I am so excited :o that I cant stand it. The problem is, I don’t know where to start looking for a property to get started. I’m totally into flipping properties but don’t know how to get started. Will anyone give me some advice?

hey there ! welcome to the best rei forum ever. these people on here are the greatest, as you shall soon see. im new myself,but have learned tons from this site. if i may offer you a couple of suggestions to help you get the ball rolling.
1: read as much of the questions and answers on this site as you can.
2: feel free to ask any question that may pop in your head.(remember, there are no dumb questions)
3:send personal e-mails to people if you feel the need.
4: dont be a stranger, stay posted on here. stop in as often as you can, and read read read.
5:find your local rei club in your area. check them out.
hey, just ask on here. tell us where your at and i bet theres someone on here from your area. happy hunting !

To start out, find yourself a good real estate agent. Phoenix is a hot area. Our investors in Vega left here in have been buying down there. Good luck.