Beginner- Need help analyzing a deal

I am a beginner and I’m on the site everyday trying to learn all that I can about REI. I have Carlton Sheets, David Whistan courses. I also have read a lot of articles and listened to several teleseminars but none of the courses I have teach you how to do the math to see if the property is a good deal or not. What is the formula or steps for analyzing the property? How do I know if it is a good deal or not before I approach the seller?I am very motivated and dedicated to doing whatever I need to succeed with my REI but I’m still trying to grasp the basics regarding the math. If anyone knows of a book or something that can help me learn this , please inform me. I have seen some very good feedback from other experienced investors on this site. Could someone please help me?

first, read the entire package. if you paid for sheets - read it all, don’t breeze through it. if you do, you’ll find out there are several analysis forms - one being a cash flow analysis. that’s simple math - addition, multiplication and LOTS of SUBTRACTION!!! ;D

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If you would like to Learn about Cap Rate, the univeral Formula to analyze a property please read this…

If you need help running the numbers, I will shamelessly recommend my RentalCashflow Analysis.

Thanks a lot! I will continue my reading and make sure I bookmark that section.