beginner looking for new material

I’m new to real estate investing and want to learn more. Reading these
articles is ok, but do you know of any web sites were I can watch video or
listen to audio of real estate seminars and lessons?

I need to learn on the fast track. :help

Have you joined your local real estate investing club? They usually have seminars that are either free or very low cost.

It might be well worth your time to pick up a inexpensive course on ebay, the quicker you can learn, the quicker you can make money.

This site offers free audio and e-books. It’s under “Investor Information” on the left.

Check out–great interviews on there and also check out Larry Goins Brain Pick a Pro (all are free). they mainly interview national gurus and occasionally some people you have not heard yet.


Thanks everyone for the help! Please keep it coming.

I have listened to some of the audio on the website, but I also wanted to find some MP3’s I could upload on my IPOD and take with me in the car on my way to work. I found some one They have this 4 part series on wholesale flips which is exactly what I am interested in. Has anyone else listened to it? What do ya’ll think of it?

Know what I could do with too manye condos and lofts being built in downtown austin? They will all go up for sale around the same time and I have a feeling there will be too much supply and not enough demand in the next year or so.