beginner looking for advice from the pro's

Let me start off by thanking everyone in advansce for any advice or pointers that may help me and my family realize our dreams.
I am currently takeing Armando’s course to learn how to flip properties. I am in week 3 of the course and am very excited yet still very scared.
During the last teaching season the coach had told us of selling properties wholesale to other investors as a way to generate quick cash. For me this is great, since I’m strapped.The only real question I have is how do I find other investors,That would be interested in the properety that I found. My coach had said to try clubs, wich I’m working on ,however I’m certain that there are more ways to make contact with other investores.
I am planning on running this question past my coaches, just haven’t gotten there yet. Besides not asking for advice is bad advice.

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Go to my RE blog and see the request form for the Free Foreclosure and Short Sale report. You should get some helpful info there as well as on the blog itself. The blog link is below in the signature. Keep us posted on your progress.

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Update,I’ve gotten everything pretty well worked out except one detail. I’m going to start off doing some bird dog work in order to get some needed funds. So now all I have to do is build a contact list.

Thanx, jason

Check out hassansr’s I am going to buy a house this month thread in this forum. His techniques for locating private lenders should also work for finding investors and wholesale buyers.

cool thanx I’llmake sure to check it out.

Hi Jason,

One of my favorite ways to find investors is to call “for rent” signs when I am driving through neighborhoods that I have deals in. I call the number on the sign and ask the landlord if they are looking for any more rentals in the area.

I have found several good buyers doing this.

Good luck,
Steph :cool


you should also make it a point to read Steph’s blog from the beginning. Well worth the few hours.