Beginner. Adivce and Wisdom Needed.

My name is Jared Glover. I’m about to transcend the high school barrier in two days. I’m currently 18 years old and am wanting to be a real estate investor.

First off… What are the advantages of a real estate license?

I’m planning on taking a real estate course this fall in college. Just to be honest, I’d rather go ahead and gain vast amounts of RE knowledge now then have to wait until college.

Any recommendations on courses, books, articles, info?

I am wanting to start out simple and I’m NOT wanting to be involved with ‘rehab’. If rehad is needed, I’ll pay a rehab specialist to do the work. I’m looking to buy properties(land), houses, condos, apartments, etc. Basically whatever I can turn for profit.

This is what I want to do as my career. I’m wanting myself and my future family to be finacially free and am willing to do whatever it takes to achieve this.

Please give your wisdom and advice as you see fit.

Thank You All.

Hi Jared,

I would suggest starting with the Carleton Sheets course. It is an excellent, comprehensive beginner’s course. I think I can safely say that more successful investors started with Carleton Sheets than any other course. You can probably get one on ebay for a very low price.

The big advantage of getting your real estate license is that you can make some extra money selling houses at retail while still pursuing your real estate investing. Having your license will also allow you to network with a lot of people and have daily exposure to the market.

I would also strongly suggest joining your local REIA (real estate investors association) and becoming friends with the successful investors. Finally, really immerse yourself in the forum here and read, read, read! This forum will give you the real world information that is sadly missing in almost every “guru” course.

Good Luck,


Thank you very much for your response. It is much appreciated.

Having access to the MLS is nice too.

I strongly advise avoiding Carlton Sheets at all costs. I have bought investors who followed his program out of foreclosure and lawsuits many times over. Vena Jones Cox has a good program. I would also not recommend getting a real estate license. You are held to different ruels, regulations and standards as a Realtor than you are as an investor. If a deal does not go well the first thing people do is file a complaint against you to the real estate board. Make a friend who is an agent and promise to give him business and referrals in exchange for his help with things you need from the local MLS.

I have bought investors

I have never bought an investor. How much do they cost? Of course, I started with the Carleton Sheets program, so maybe my education is lacking.



You’re not listening again…the new guy says to avoid it at all costs…forget what you know and sell your course on e-Bay. It doesn’t wrok!


Glover your on one of the best sites here, Read the hundreds of free articles here and on other sites to derive your own opinion before you spend big bucks on Carleton. For instance,, and
my 2 cents herbster

It’s been said over and over and over…Sheets is a pretty good course if, (1) You’re a beginner and, (2) You can pick it up cheap on e-Bay.

I guarantee that you’ll learn something from it. I will also agree that not all of the techniques are relevant any more or in certain circumstances.


Chris, I bought my Carleton Sheets course on e-bay for $40. They have a lot more. Many are unopened. It’s a goos basic course that has some useful info. You can’t go wrong for that price. I’ve even verified some of the concepts with some local RE investors and they all say it can be done. Her are a few books I can suggest.

  1. “The Millionare Real Estate Investor” by Gary Keller($25).
  2. “1 Minute to Real Estate Riches” by Mike Rossi (propertymanager).
  3. “The ABC’s of Real Estate Investing” by Ken MKelroy.

While you’re educating yourself, use that 18 yr.old energy and work you butt off to save some money and establish some good credit. Carleton Sheets has some decent ideas on establishing credit. Good luck to you!


Like propertymanager, I also bought Carleton Sheets course before I launched my real estate investment program. Now, this was nearly twenty years ago but back then we did not have internet discussion forums like this one to learn from. Heck, back then, we did not even have the internet.

Carleton Sheets is still relevant today for the beginner who has little to no knowledge of real estate.