Bees, wasps, other temporary pests

What’s your standard response to sudden infestations if they were not there at the time the property was rented? I am not referring to termites or any other bug that problems with the house itself. I hve a renter allergic to wasps and I have had the pest control people there twice in the past year. The renter is pretty low-key about it but has asked for support.

Thanks all -

i try to make as many of these issues the tenant’s responsibility in the lease. i offer then a discounted rent if they pay on time and don’t call me for maintenance. that is good, because then you don’t have them calling you everytime a light bulb burns out.

If they don’t pay rent, they’re gone…! :lol:

Here in Louisiana, we have more creepy-crawlies than you can shake a stick at! We are the termite capital of the US, there are dozens of varieties of spiders, and fireants up the wazoo (I’d take wasps over fireants any day of the week)…I extermminate when I see them or hear of them…we get the guy in to do a heavy spray for roaches between tenants.


Cecsix -

Do you really find it profitable to discount the rent in exchange for occasional maintenance?


My boss discounts the rent and doesn’t raise it on low maintenance tenants. His units are crappy. Not implying anything, Cecsix :slight_smile: