Been trying but still at square1

Hello, Im 18 soon to be 19 on jan. 31 and Im still trying to get started in real estate either wholesaling or birdogging but its taking so long. I almost want to give up. I live in one of the hottest markets (detroit) and I just cant find too many serious investors. Its hard because I have limited capital and no credit which is a major set back. Im trying to get my feet wet but Things arent coming along as I planned. If anyone can help me with some techniques I can use to jumpstart my career please let me know



What is your plan? Do you currently have a salary? Do you have any savings or other cash? What do you mean by limited capital? What do you mean by "taking so long? " how long has it been?

The plan:

if for no one else, you need to write down your strategy so you can map your course. The upsides to this are, as you write the plan, you

  1. can get a feel for what you want out of REI.
  2. can identify the strategy to get yourself to that point.
  3. can begin to lay a ground work for a business plan.
  4. can use this spring board to show investors that you’re serious, and that you have the biz plan to back it up.

Have you researched the laws in your city/town/state for landlording? Have you read various books and the posts here regarding property ownership and investing? What do you want out of REI?


are you currently employed? What are you doing to rectify the situation? Where are you looking for incoming cash? Have you asked yourself what you can do to get out of this

Cash part II:

How’s your credit? Have you ordered your reports? Are you good at managing your money and time? Have you analyzed where your money goes? Do you eat out a lot? Are you going to Mickey D’s instead of TS savings and loan?

average big mac combo $5 X 2 meals a day = $10
$10 x 5 days a week -$50… $50 x 4.3 weeks/month = $215.

It adds up.

I’m only posting up to get you to think about these things and how you can help yourself out of your situation. How badly do you want to be successful in REI?

Enough to hold 1 1/2 or 2 jobs? Enough to attend REI meetings and learn? Enough to eat beans and rice, peanut butter and jelly, cold cereal, hot dogs… to save $$?

Enough to shovel walks, cut grass, wash cars, haul trash, skip movies, skip the latest sneaker, jersey, 2 - way, cell phone???

Can you stand the ridicule from your peers to fund raise for your cause, in order to elevate yourself to financial freedom and the REI success you say that you want?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Great post, Ts. It inspired me :slight_smile:

I have a plan. I want to birdog or wholesale contracts but I have limited capital meaning not alot of money. I have no credit and no job. I have a savings account holding 250.00…not alot but I have the vision. Ive read atleast 8books and Ive been trying to do different techniques for months…Seems like nothing is working right now

Not having a job is certainly going to hurt you. An 18 yr old with no credit history and no job is probably worse than having bad credit.

I was going to suggest land contract. I have found this to work quite well. Investers about to retire will work with you ( I’ve found ) and they are usually excited about passing their property and advice down to a novice invester but NO ONE WILL GIVE YOU MONEY OR CREDIT if you are unemployed.
Don’t look at your age as a set back look at it as a plus. It took me 15 yrs. after my first course to finally get started ( because of fear) Get started by getting a job…any job.
Also I live north of you (Grand Blanc area) and yes I agree about our market. Whre else can you buy a house in fairly good shape for under $15,000. and rent it out for $500.? Well actaully you can do that in Flint too----closer for me.
Anyway Good Luck but please get a job,

My job was going to be bird dogging for investors but yea, I will keep looking for a job

thanks guys