becoming REO agent

I am wondering if anyone knows how to become an REO agent so that i can bid for my own properties with the Banks?

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you are asking, but if you want to represent yourself as the buyer of an REO property, you just need to be a licensed agent (although some banks don’t want to pay the 3% co-op to an agent that is also the buyer-just had someone I know go through that).

If you are asking about becoming an agent that lists REO properties, that is something different.

You want to be a "REO ‘agent’? "

I’m not sure what you mean either, but if you want to become an “Agent” you need to get your Real Estate license.
I know a few investors that have their RE License and they do save money when buying/flipping properties.

Plus the benefit of being a Realtor is getting the inside scoop when good deals hit the market.

Also, how are do you bid on properties directly with the bank? Is there a website with their inventory?