Becoming a Commercial Real Estate Developer

Can anyone please inform me of any classes or degree program needed to become a real estate developer? What do I need to do and where do I go?

I’ve just completed my first lease to own option; however, I’ve always wanted to be the developer of land and builder of property as opposed to purchasing existing structures and then selling.

Most real estate schools offer pre-licensing programs for real estate agent, loan officer, and appraiser. The colleges and universities here in Houston, Texas have no existing curriculum either.

I must educate myself before I begin. Please advise.

God bless you all.

You might consider shadowing a developer. I know where I am from you really dont “need” any special traing. I think just learning the hoops you have to jump through with Zoning etc. Also you might find out when your cities local development council or commerce meets and maybe network through them. Hope some of this helps… :-\