Become a real estate agent? Yea or nay?

Are there any drawbacks to becoming a real estate agent if your primary business is buying, fixing, and selling properties?

There is a local broker who will let me become an agent in the office and I would keep 100% of all commissions on my buys, less a $350 transaction fee. It seems like a good idea when buying a listed property as the 3% commission would come back to me. Also, I’d have full access to MLS/FMLS to get my own comps and market data. And finally, when it came time to sell, I could list the properties at no out of pocket expense on the front end.

But what is the downside to being an agent? I know I would have to disclose my agent status at all times, but are there any things that I can’t do as an agent that I would want to do as a pure investor?

Do a search in the forums. There are numerous posts on this subject and probably every possible pro and con has been addressed.

If you’re looking for the advantages of having the MLS, try this company’s product. I met one the reps at a local invvestor’s club meeting. The software is called criss-cross. I have a RE Sales license myself and the system looks very comparable to the MLS.