Beazer Homes down 40% ......................TODAY!!!!!!!!!

Man, oh, man!!! this is getting REALLY BAD, REALLY FAST!!!

Beazer opened today at $15 and is now trading at $8 WOW!!!

Get ready BOY’S.


It’s Bankruptcy speculation by traders

I hope Centex fairs well over the long haul. They’re from my home town, and they’re an all around great company. =)

The GREAT thing about this current situation is there will be INCREDIBLE investment opportunities in SOME of these stocks.

Some of these guy’s are going bankrupt, as this happens it will KILL the stocks of ALL home builders. And as always I will be happy to acumulate them and wait for people to forget about this cycle.

Remember this…buy what no one wants, WHEN no one wants it. I have made CONSISTANT money doing this for 2 decades.

I own Ford now (still in the waiting phase) Bought Merck when everyone in America thought this big pharma company was going under because of one bad drug. (now up OVER 150% in 3 years with a 4% dividend) Cooper tire up 300% because no one wanted a low cost producer of replacement tires. Hint…If you think your economy may hit a rough spot. buy replacment tire co.'s, people KEEP the cars they already OWN and spend money on PARTS (like tires) rather than buying new and going into debt when the economy is uncertain.

It’s as hard as you want to make it.

Not sure what the driving force was behind the sudden decline in Beazer but it created a great buying opportunity. The stock dropped from $14 down to about $8.40. Picked-up a few hundred shares and now its trading at $12.30. That’s a 46% return. Just shows that market volatility creates opportunity.

Beazer has ‘rebounded’ somewhat and is only down about 13-1/2%…{653D7163-A4C0-4423-AC27-13529BFBE2F2}


40%? That’s nothing…American Home Mortgage is down 90%!!!

What was give’ith, will be take’ith!!!