Beautiful interior.....

Or so the ad says:


The green room isn’t bad. The rest is absolutely nauseating!

How do you like that kitchen? :o

That kitchen is every housewives dream! For some reason, I feel like if I was trapped in those room with those colors (especially the orange room) I would become very violent…

If I ever decide to go into the private prison industry, those colors will be on the “Don’t Paint” list as they may invoke a riot. It shocks me that even the owner of that property could look at those rooms and have a thought close to the word “beautiful”.

I agree that the green is not so bad…the hardwoods appear to be in decent shape…if the kitchen looks like that, so do the baths – they probably need to be gutted.

The ‘cantaloupe’ room is “to die for”…


“To die FROM…”

Its better than a lot of the rentals here in Springfield.

The main thing I noticed is the Realtor is charging the tenant half month fee, thats illegal in MA.

Is that the placement fee? I was confused by that. Shouldn’t the LANDLORD be paying that since he’s too lazy to market it himself?

Right, you can charge a landlord what every you want. You can’t charge a tenant though, unless its commercial space.