Bay Area, NY, NV investors please read

do not get why people in bay area are willing to pay crazy prices for homes. I personally rather have a life, shop at Whole Foods and spend my time with my family than working until 7pm to make mortgage payments. Please explain me if you have a good reason.

FYI, I currently live in Santa Clara, CA. I am planning to relocatie to Gilbert, AZ. I am getting pay 15% less than what I am making here but cost of living is about 65% cheaper.

All I am saying is, doesn’t it make more sense to move to more affordable places like Houston or Phoenix and have life instead of paying high mortgage payments forever. Please feel free to email me comments.

The same thing is happened here in Washington/Virginia/Maryland.

There is something appealing about city life at least to me there is. Prices here in NYC are skyrocketing but it isn’t too high that I feel the need to relocate yet. I am doing pretty good financially so I am going to stay put. I spend plenty of time with my family, my son loves it here also and my husband says he wouldn’t even consider leaving the city. The convenience of city life far outweighs the cost of living here for now.

Exactly why I moved from Northern Virginia to Louisiana! The prices and taxes going through the roof and the traffic was getting unbearable!

My wife likes the city life and I despise it. We comprimised and did it my way (LOL – just kidding!). We’ve been here since July and love it. She would like some of her stores here (Needless Mark-up, I mean Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, etc. but with the Internet, she can find most of that stuff and it is tax-free on-line.

Just my 2 cents…