Is there a way to make the tub and tiles shinier after scrubbing them to the best of your abilities?

Is there some kind of coating that you can apply to the (a) tub (b) in between tiles and (c)to the tiles?

Trying to avoid new tub and tiles and also reglazing…

Thanks in advance

My Brother paited one of his with clear gloss paint. I would never do it but it’s a quick fix. Buffing compound and buffer work to a point.

Thanks, Nonrei. I am thinking at this point its best to hire a refinishing company that charges a reasonable fee. Something under $500…if thats possible. I live in the Wash D.C. metro area and the contractors tend to charge over $1k for EVERYTHING…

Any other thoughts?

Hi - We tried to refinish pool tiles and give them a shine - after cleaning them of calcium buildup. The guy painted them with some type of clear sealer - but the water got under it and it peeled. So I’m thinking the same for a shower and tub.

Have you tried this – acrylic car wax and a buffer? It should shine them up but won’t be totally permanent. Oh I see this was mentioned - maybe it’s worth a try.

I guess i wouldn’t feel right doing something cheap on a high end house and then having it peel off.

Hi - If this is a high end house - I’m surprised you didn’t re-tile the whole thing. Just wondering why you didn’t.

Lowes and Home Depot sells a grout paint that you can apply. Check it out not sure on the details of it but I have seen it before.

Great idea, thanks. The bathroom is actually not that old - like 5 years. But you know as time goes on… the tub looks a little dingy and needs a good republishing.

Thanks. Will check HD & Lowes for various product.