Bathroom Ventilation

Ok inside the bathrooms of my 4unit building there is no electrical or aerial ventilation I guess you would call it, the only thing that provides air is a small 10 x 20 window. The window has no view it likes as if its a long boxed in bricked hole that goes to the roof or something. I hope Im painting a good picture, but anyway the previous owner just painted the whole window white Im guessing beause of the view. To open the window you pull it open on a verticle angle. It just makes the bathroom like very very very old fashion. what can I do? :banghead

Maybe I’m dumber than I think, but I can’t figure out what your problem is or what you are trying to accomplish. Provide better details and someone may be able to help.


I guess hes trying to figure out how to ventilate the bathroom?
Maybe a window unit ventilation?

You can buy a fart fan from Lowes. IT can be wired right to the light switch. Whenever the light is on the fan is own. These fans are $7 or so.

If don’t mind spending more there are fans that sense humidity and will run until they don’t. That way you don’t have to depend on your tenant running it for several minutes after a shower as recommended.

I guess my question is how can I place or get a better ventilation system in the bathrooms other than that ulgy pull out window vent?

A ceiling vent fan can become pretty necessary or the moisture can run right down the walls. They cost about $35 and you need an electrician to install them if you are not handy.


Thanks now this ceil vent fan, where is it goin to pull the moisture too? I no the one in my parents house is pullin everything up into the atic ( For the bottom units) is some major work needed for the ceil vent fan to work?


You don’t want it to pull the air into the attic itself, as that can create alot of issues… you want to vent it through the roof, which is what I suspect is at your parents house… you’ll also want to insulate the bath vent ductwork in the attic, as during the extremes of winter and summer, condensation can form in the ductwork… This is a straight-forward project…

If it’s on the first floor, you obviously can’t vent to the roof, unless there is a chase in place (doubtful)…

The amount of work to do this on the first floor would depend on which way the joists are running… If the joists run to the outside wall, you are in luck and a ceiling mount unit, with the ducting to the outside will work. If they run parallel to the outside, although it can be done (by a professional), you are just better off installing a wall-mounted vent fan (a litttle more pricey, but better than hiring someone to do it AND paying the price for the unit with a tack-on).

You can get step-by-step’s on these on the internet…