Bath tub

I would like opinions on what I should do with this bath tub and tub surround. There is a window that I will have to work around. The window will be replaced (with a frosted glass one) during my rehab, if that is of any importance. The current tub is porcelin, and I don’t believe the surround is real tile. It feels like some type of waterproof paneling that is made to look like tile.

I believe my options are basically:

  1. Have the existing tub refinished and replace the tile look a like with actual tile, or something else (ideas on the something else?)


  1. One of those drop-in vinyl tub / shower liners, but I’m not sure how that window would come in to play.

Any advice is welcome.

Here are some pictures:

I’d go for option no. 1, except replace the tub. I’ve called tub refinishers and they are pricey. If you’re going to replace the surround, it’ll be cheaper to pull the tub out and replace it. You can get a new one for less than $100. Last quote I got for a refinish was $350. I think they cater to homeowners that want to avoid the expense of plumbers, tile-work, etc.

In fact, I just pulled out a tub (brand new) and replaced it with a jacuzzi tub. It’s been sitting outside for a couple months, but it should be fine. It’s a right-hand drain, so it should work fine for your bathroom. I assume your in Austin, call me if you want it - 576-9860.

Thanks for the offer, but I’m in Ft Worth, and I don’t own a truck.

Thanks for the information. I don’t know how to do the plumbing, or the tub installation, so I may be in the same position as the homeowners that you referred to. Would this still be the more cost effective route if I had professionals handle the installation?

I dunno if it will cost more if you hire a plumber… you’ll just have to get some bids.

Good luck with your project and keep us posted.

New to the forum, figured I’d post my opinion here.

I am in contracting, so maybe I look at pictures like this quite differently than you guys. This whole scenario really depends on what you want to do with the property I suppose.

This looks to me like one of those snowball effects of a room, and you might be better off getting most everything replaced. Of course, I’m sooner to say that because if it were my house, I wouldn’t be paying retail prices for the contracting. The thing is, this seems to be why being in touch with a good all around contractor would be important here. The right decision I’m going to guess is having most of this bathroom replaced, it looks decades old.

I guess at a minimum I would suggest new tub, new tiled surround, new floor tile (since you will be hiring a tile guy?), new shower handles/head/spiget, and valve/diverter if not positemp.

If it were my prop, I would probably overhaul almost everything in that bathroom. I would include a new toilet (nothing worse than a cheap toilet destroying your floor from a wax seal leak), new window (some may argue but if you go far with this bathroom thats the best bet, even if it doesn’t match), and more depending on what the rest of the room looks like.
Sheetrock behind current tile may be destroyed, make sure to use CBU if you get that taken down, they half half inch to match height of wall rock.


Hey Chris thanks for posting, and welcome to the forum.

That’s 2 for “new tub” so I will definitly look into the cost to have one installed. And I am planning on replacing the faucet, knobs, shower head, the surround (although not sure with what, probably tile if I replace the tub). I also plan on replacing all windows in the house, and all flooring. For this bathroom window I will use a frosted glass, and new trim as well.

I definitly plan on installing new floring, and I will remove the toilet temporarily while installing. I will give it a good cleaning outside, and use a new wax ring when I reinstall it. The toilet looks pretty new, and I don’t have a problem reusing it. I will replace the seat though.

I couldn’t agree more with you.

I’m not familiar with CBU, but I will definitly mention that to my drywall guy tomorrow. Thanks for the info.

Anyone doing the tile will know how to install it properly. I wouldn’t be surprised if the current tile is just overtop regular wallboard.

CBU = Cement boards (IE Hardibacker Durock Wonderboard etc) in half inch variety for walling.

Good luck with it - sounds like you are on the right track


if you would like me to look at the project, I can meet you there and give you some suggestions on refinishing or replacing. I am Bob Tumlinson . My business for the last fifteen years has been refinishing bathtubs and countertops in the Dallas/ Ft.Worth area. Superior Finish is the business name. 972 333 7908 will get me. There is no cost to you except time to look at this. On an information only basis, sometimes the old tubs refinished are a better idea than the new cheap junk tubs being sold in the home improvement centers. The old tubs do not chip and crack like the new, light weight , thin stamp steel with very thin porcelain tubs. Hope this helps, Bob

Travis, If you don’t mind, let us know which options that you’ve chosen for this project and if you could shoot us some finished pictures (to compare with the before’s) for those of us about to embark on similar situations.

I had decided to go with getting the tub refinished for about $200, and getting a PVC tub surround from Home Depot for about $60. But I ended up canceling the contract during my option period, so I will not have any after photos to share.

Read here if you’re interested in more about why I canceled:;action=display;threadid=10025;start=msg44571#msg44571