Basic rehab questions

I’ve done a couple rehab projects, going onto a third one. So far it’s been good except I am not satisfied with the contractors.

My fundamental question is this. Do you(more experienced investors) usually just let one general contractor handle all the jobs or do you go with different contractors(do your own scheduling, project management, etc.)

Both of my rehabs, I have let a general contractor handle all the jobs, they in turn sub contract. My problem with this is they take too long, and at the end they add more costs to what’s on the initial estimate. Is it better just to do it yourself, schedule for roofer, for fence guy, for carpeter, etc. This way you cut cost and you control the schedule.

I know I should have added time clause to initial contract so job is done on time. Also I guess I should just get a better initial estimate. But still the question is, do you let one contractor do it all or do you manage different contractors to do it? Thanks in advance.

PS: Anyone can recommend, good roofer, carpeter, contractor, plumber, cleaning, hauling, etc. in Austin.

I’ve tried both methods. Rehabbing was a side gig for me and never the primary focus so hopefully, some hard-core rehabbers will respond as well. I’ve tried numerous different approaches and always come back to my handyman. He’s not a GC and he’s certainly not the least expensive on a bid basis, but time saved and less worries became a pretty big factor for me.

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Personally, I manage the project myself. I have established relationships with different contractors [paint, flooring, plumbing, etc.] and I try to use them consistently.

By doing it this way I maintain my relationships [always a plus], keep costs down [no middle man], and keep my finger on the pulse of what is going on.

Call me jaded but I have been ripped off too many times not to manage the project myself.