Basement wall braces....

I looked through a house today and it’s a VERY good deal, but it’s got those steel (I’m assuming) wall braces that keep the foundation from bowing. Does anyone know how well those work? Or how long they are supposed to last? It was built in 1950 and from what I saw, there wasn’t any big slopes or cracked dry wall anywhere in the house that would have resulted from any foundation problems.

This is what the deal would look like…
Price of house: $69,000
Cost of repairs/carrying costs (4 months): $10,000
ARV: $120,000

I am no expert on wall anchors however I am a contractor and have done some basement waterproofing(interior french drains) which is also a service many of those types of companies offer. Most of the better companies offer lifetime warranties on them and they hold very well I’ve seen them installed when walls first start to move and they pull everything right back you’d be amazed at what I’v seen them fix.

As far as what they do to resell value I do not know however I would take the stance that if they are in and the walls look good then they are more of a preventive measure on a wall the moved a little more than anything. If you want an opinion on the work these type of guys advertise under “waterproofing” or “foundation repair”.

I hope this helps I saw no answer wanted to help hope it did.