Based on this Analysis I might be purchasing a Single Family

House 3X1 PM 1 YR 1
Asking Price $44,000
%% Down $4,000
Repais + Misc cost $9,000
Mortgage Balance $53,000
Debt Service $388 $4,656
Gross Rent $850 $10,200
50% Rule $255.00 $3,060.00
Effective Rent $595.00 $7,140.00
NOI $207.00 $2,484.00
Debt Ratio 1.5
ROI 5% 62%
Payback 1.610305958
Payoff 21.33655395

I assumed $10,000 in repair money for a total loan amount of $53,000.
I assumed a 30% of rent for expenses.

What do you think?

It’s hard to make sense of your numbers the way you’ve laid them out.

Instead use this model:

Less Down Payment
Equals Balance Owed (to be financed)

GSI (Gross Scheduled Income)
Less Vacancy/Credit Loss (5%, or actual vacancy factor)
Less GOE (Gross Operating Expenses) (45% of GSI)
Equals NOI (Net Operating Income)
Less Debt Service
Equals Cash Flow

This will help everyone get on your page. Otherwise, it’s too much thinking to figure out what you’re talking about. Just saying.

Try using this analysis sheet to help organize your thoughts…

Got it.

Price $44,000
Less DP - $4,000
Balance $40,000

GSI $800
Less GOE -$320
NOI $480
Debt Service -$266
Cash Flow $214

BAMM! :biggrin