When you purchase a home for resale in a typical county middle class neighbor hood, and all the moulding is the really short old style that is wood color, do you find it benificial to rip out this moulding and replace with the white taller say 3.5" moulding our just paint it white and go with it. I know I would replace all the doors with the six pannel, but unsure of the mouldings.

My thinking is that for resale keep it and paint it. If I were doing a rental youcan’t hardly replace any kind of flooring without tearing that crap up - impossible to get off wall without it breaking. So, replace for rentals. IMHO.

My vote: Prime and paint…if it has a gloss varnish on it, you may have to hit it with sandpaper first.


paint it and call it good. Molding can run upwards of $1/ft. You can spent $500-$1000 on even a small house and a lot of time to replace it and nobody will notice.