Bargain Stuff

I was in Lowes yesterday and was telling my wife how much I have neglected you guys this year. The Saturday after Christmas Home Depot puts a lot of tools on sale. Lowes tends to have a lot of plumbing fixtures and lighting on sale. I was in my storage last night and noticed that I have enough light fixtures to do an entire house and enough plumbing fixtures bathroom and kitchen for several houses and I bet I haven’t spend more that $100 on the lot. I didn’t spend more that $5.00 on any of them except the 3 toilets that I have there and the most expensive one of them was $10.

My wife then reminded me that the Regional managers of these chains tell the store managers to get rid of the items that are going to be rearranged for the next remerchandising push. They usually tell them to have this stuff gone by end of the day Saturday every week. Right now Lowes is doing a lighting remerchandising and they have things in the aisle that is really good quality for really cheap prices. My point is that you need to go to your local Loews and Home Depot at 7:00 am every Saturday morning and if it is a good price buy all you see. Ask for the store manager ands make him an offer. You never know when you are going to be in a rehab and need a lighting fixture and it will be $20.00 but you have one in your garage just like it you got for $5.00.

I can’t believe you got those for that price. My parents just bought a special high toilet and cost $800.00. What a savings I realize they wanted a specific item but good to know how to offer on close out items.
Thanks for the tip.

you’ll never know how mad i was when i put (cheap) base cabinets in my house for 800 bones. i walked into lowes one saturday and found some stacked that said 15 or 20 a piece on them, when i paid 100+ for them. little did i know when i was looking at these thinking about building a workbench or something out of them did i realize that one person had 3 carts full of them getting ready to push them to check out. boy did i feel stupid.

i try to get to lowes every saturday but all of the toilets i’ve found around here don’t have tanks and i don’t want to take the time to match tanks up and see if this one will work with that toilet and the like.