I have a house that I purchased subject-to about a year ago. The sellers are now filing for bankruptcy. The sellers are not interested in being helpful – they did include the loan in the bankruptcy. I have tried to contact the bankruptcy trustee with no avail – secretary won’t let me through (I had to send a letter – no response yet). I have continued to make the monthly mortgage payments and have yet to receive anything from the bank. My question is what is going to happen? Has anyone dealt with this before? I am sure the bank is confused, the loan is included in the bankruptcy but they are not trying to sell the house (since we own it), and payments are being made. Any experienced investors out there know what to do?


Send Certified letter with documents to the Trustee. The Trustee is the “Conductor” on this train and request that it be pulled from the filing, as it has been sold. The issue may get stickey if it happened within 3 months of the filing. You need the numbers, name, address etc.

That is basically all you have to do and it gets lifted from the action (Chapt. 7, 13 or 11… or other#)