I have a tenant that had left a long time ago and I had a judgement for money on file which actually the tenant had paid which allowed her to stay in the house till I had to evict her again and I was never able to serve her to get a new money judgement.
She went bankrupt just recently and now I know her address but is it legal to file for money owed prior to bankruptcy now that I know her address?

It would seem to me that I should be able to get her in Court and get a judgement against her for monies owed prior to her filing bankruptcy since that was not on the docket and could not be wiped out.


In theory you are right. She should be held liable. However, even if you took her to small claims court and won ,you would still need to collect on the monies owed. Is it really worth the time and effort to fool with or would you be better off moving on?

Beiing the nice guy I am. I would wait until she out of bankruptcy and then hit her with everything she owes you. Move on and do other deals. She could be a professional at not paying rent where she lives.

She actually moved in with a boyfriend who fathered the younger of her 2 kids and I doubt that she is making one dollar as she quit working when the second chid was born which is when she got into trouble with the rent.
I could sue her and win but you can’t squeze blood out of a turnip since there is nothing there.