Bankruptcy letter ideas

Hello REI Club Family,

It’s me, your low budget, no fear, newbie real estate investor. I think I have finally crack the PACER code for those home owner who been dismiss from stay? Oh well, I have been targeting those home owner who are in that status with my home made postcard " Don’t Go Down With Your House" and my famous letter " I’m a local investor, who buy houses at fair price on the day of your choice" that type of letters and I mail them out once a week. So far, no luck I was wondering if any have a bankructy type letter they like to share or some ideas I can add in my letters and postcard. I kind of use same type letter that I would use to target a expire or foreclosure just change some of the words around? Thanks in advance :help


Glad to meet you.

Send them money…

John $Cash$ Locke

John… I thought you had to be dead to be on money!


Apparently you have never seen a Million Dollar bill, glad I posted it so now you know it ain’t necessarily so.

John $Cash$ Locke