Does anyone know if you can have a house deeded over to you if the homeowner has already filed chapter 7?


you actually need the bankruptcy courts and trustees aproval to do such a thing, even though its not a chap. 13, if your homeowner filed a 7 and didnt include the home, the home is still an asset which needs aproval to be sold/transfered/deeded over to you.

Thanks for the reply.
Is there such a thing as a “discharged bankruptcy” where the house is available and ready for sale right away?

There is such a thing as a “discharged BK”, this means someone has completed their BK plan, and more than likely would not what to/ nor need to sell you there house.

A discharged Bk is this
A Chapter 7 is usually discharged a few months after it is filed. That means it has been filed and completed.
A chapter 13 is discharged after all trustee payments have been made and the debts have been cleared and payed as agreed in the BK. than that will be discharged.
Chances are if there was a Chapter 7 filed a few months ago it has been discharged already.