Bankruptcies - research materials/advice?


I am wondering if anyone has had luck buying bankruptcies and if you get good deals? I have a huge list I’ve compiled of local BKs and am about to send a bunch of letters to the homeowners asking if they want to sell.

Also- does anyone know of any good research materials (i.e. web sites, or books) that explain the process in great detail of buying BKs?

In addition, any advice would be much appreciated. I have read the recent post on bankruptcies too, giving info about cooperation with all parties.

Thank you very much; you people are wonderful,

N. Long

Have you signed up with PACER?

Its a nationwide BK info site run by the US courts.


Here’s the course I used to get started. The author is Dan Doran and is an attorney. The materials are rough, but the information invaluable;