bankrupcy and short sales

I believe that i have to wait until the BK is settled in order to do anything with the property. Is this the case? Do i have to wait to even write a purchase agreement?

If the moderators will allow my comments it can and will effect everyone on this forum.

Moderators, my coaches have the best BK attorney out there and they are doing a coaching call next week.
This guy is the BOMB !!!

He was at their 3 day event in Florida and his information is mind blowing.

Find out how BK is the Investors best friend, and how to work it to your advantage.

It will help everyone on this forum to deal with BK even with the new laws.

can someone contact them in order to set something up for your members? They might even contribute to the membership,


This is very easy. If you want this information from GQ, e-mail or PM her directly and she can tell you ALL about it. Don not post it in the open Forum - it is advertising/networking and will be deleted. If it happens too often, the thread will be locked…

…and BTW, it will NOT affect everyone in this Forum…guaranteed!