Bank Trust Accounts

Does anyone know how to open bank trust accounts and also how to put your car, mutual funds and stocks in the trust account. I beleive Lou brown teaches that. Has anyone taken his course

  1. atty forms the trust
  2. everything is signed, notarized, filed, stamped, dated, copied etc.
  3. depending on the type of trust, may need a tax id number
  4. go to the bank with all the documents and they will transfer funds to the trust bank account (or make the trust owner of the account, if easier)

never done a car, but I assume it’s just a title transfer.

Lou Brown sells a land trust package. Land trusts are estate planning tools. They are not asset protection vehicles and do not hold any kind of asset other than real property.

It sounds like you want a revocable living trust and I agree with Mark. Those should be created by an estate/probate attorney who will provide you the necessary forms to re-title the assets. This is not a do-it-yourself activity. The average American with a W-2 job and minimal assets can get by with DIY kits. If you don’t pay for the set up now, your heirs will pay much more later to sort out the mess.