bank reo with black mold

today i found a potential property but it has black mold on the bedroom walls from moisture. how would i go about remedying this or is it worth trying to remedy it. should i skip on this property?

You can try to negotiate with the bank to see if they would lower the price to offset the cost to fix the problem.

How do you know that it is “black mold”? The term “black mold” usually refers to the dangerous (deadly) mold that is hyped on TV.

If the mold is not actually some form of instant death, you can remove it with Jomax (which is a product available at Lowes). Jomax will kill and remove just about any mold and is the best thing I’ve ever seen for removing mold!

Of course, you need to stop the moisture condition that is causing the mold or it will just come back.

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 To expand on what PM said you must eliminate the moisture problem.  We do basement waterproofing(interior french drains) with a sump pump to remove water. We also reroute the downspouts away from the house. Make sure all gutters are installed and flowing correctly. I like to remove the offending drywall and treat everything then use a dehumidifier and squirrel cage fans to circulate air and remove moisture. Almost all the houses I rehab have some mold from sitting and it is easy to remove in most cases. Just keep in mind the things above when you make your offer it can get a little exspensive if you dont allot funds from the get go to handle this correctly. If you do not do the removal correctly / thouroughly the mold will come back.

thank you for all the input guys. i went to look at it again… the problem appears to be that the previous owner put new concrete same height as the home floor. the concrete does not slope to drain onto the lawn and is soaking into the home.

the house I just bought sold last year for $150K and I got it for $58K because of the bad mold it had. The house had plaster walls so that was a pain to get down, but knowing I got the house for almost $100K off was well worth it. There are a couple products like Jomax and it’s worth it’s weight.

How do you know if its in the h&air system?


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