bank relationships

im looking to start a business realtionship with a bank and i was wondering if there is anything in paticular i should be looking for. i know i want the lowest rates possible but what else is there. my goal right now is to start a rent to own program for buyers, im going to work with sellers who are willing to carryback financing or buy properties at least 85-90% ltv, this is only for a rent own home that is in perfect condition. many banks want 10% down and thats what im trying to stay away from, so what should i ask for from a bank on this?

also i want to buy foreclosure properties and short sales but i will need quick closing within 7 days no contigincies. im only going to buy at a max of 70% of the after repair value and i will use my own cash for fix up work. what should i ask for from the bank on this?

if i work with only one bank on all my deals then i need to get some better terms from the bank, and i dont know exactly what to ask for

Try a broker.

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