Bank Owned

I found a vacant house that I am interested in persuing. When I looked it up on the tax appraisal records, it’s owned by a bank. What is the best way to proceed from here? It is not listed for sale or anything. I’m not really sure how to begin negotiations with a bank. Are banks typically willing to consider an offer that is pretty far below the FMV?

adverse possession.
move in, change the locks and start paying the county tax on it!!!

Yeah that would be nice!

What bank owns it?

The house is owned by a bank called US Bank in Florida. The house is in TX though. I intend to rehab it and sell it, although I may end up renting it out if I can get it cheap enough to cash flow. Would a bank negotiate well below the retail price on a house that is not even listed? Should I just mail an offer to them, or what?