Bank Owned Property - REO's

Anyone know of any websites where I can find bank owned property listing for free. I am not looking for the pay for a list services. Thanks!

Check this website:

That site is powered by which isn’t exactly free :o

You can go to the Bank Foreclosure section, that is free. I have found properties to bid on these links.
Another more targeted approach is to work with a realtor and have him/her provide a daily listing of REO properties for your farm area. Hope this helps.

Gotcha! :wink:

I tried the foreclousure site and they require money for a REO search. Nothing free is worth while. ???

How about just calling up your friendly neighborhood RE agent?

About 99% of all REO’s are MLS listed now and any agent can pull you a list for free. Since you’ll need an agent to present the offer anyway, might as well get the info from one as well.


Roger, I second that. I couldn’t imagine not using a real estate agent.

Dealfinder, try the HUD and VA web sites. You can search by state, county, zip, price, etc…

Just a note : I signed up for realtytrac just to find out that the site is nothing more than BS out of date info I will never give them another dime. Just my thought