Bank owned link

I could swear that I came to the REIClub home page from another part of this site that had a dozen or so links to banks with available properties that were in foreclosure. Does anyone have that link or know where it’s at. I’ve poked around for about an hour and can’t find it again.
Thanks for the help.


i kinda remember that myself, and have searched like crazy for it, but can’t find it…succumbed to the fact that it may have just been a link that someone posted, does this ring a bell…

I’m not sure if this is it or not, but you may try:

actually, as i was searching and looking at a few links, from what i remember, it was a website w/ noted banks listed, you clicked the link and it took you to the Wells Fargo, or Compass Bank REO page…is this what you remember Naperbill? now that i think of it, it wasn’t a “free trial” website, or pay to use website…

Thanks for the replies everyone, but so far to no avail. It really looked like it was a part of this site so I didn’t bother to bookmark it or put it in my favorites. I figured I’d just click on the left hand side of these pages and be done. This is the exact thing I do with my car keys, wallet and occassionally youngest son. “It was right here a minute ago.”


Maybe this is what you are looking for?
Somebody posted it in a message.

that’s it…way too go…did you have to dig deep, or did you have it bookmarked? anyway, that’s the site i remember…

I bookmarked it ;D


You get an “attagirl” for helping me with this. By the way if you see a brown wallet with not much cash (typical), car keys to a minivan and a 2-year old little boy will you let me know? They were all just here a minute ago. Thanks.


I’ll keep an eye out :wink: