Bank of Ghana investor Scam?

Recently I was contacted by an “investor” that turns out is from the Bank of Ghana, and all I have to do is call some 12 digit phone number to iron out the details. I think it is a scam. Has anybody heard of this and if this a scam who do I report it to?

Howdy Brad:

The FTC investigates scams along with the Attorney General. With a Bank name like that I would stay away.

Ted Jr,

What gives on your signature about 36% interest rates on commercial seconds?


Hello Brad, I get those and many others everyday in my email. I even get them from locations like London, Nigeria, etc. Yes, they are ALL scams. I’m sure that you have heard of “money laundering”. It seems that as soon as you start to have a business or some money, the scammers start coming out from under their rocks! Tedjr is right. Report them.

I have received several of these requests recently. I just add them to my Spam Blocker. 8)