Bank of America NOD list

I understand that Bank of America will be releasing their NOD list on Monday. Have anyone heard this? :help


Bank of America releases their NOD list every week in every state if you know who to get it from! 

Just because you have their NOD list does not negate the banks requirement for party in default to list the property for sale, it does not negate the potential in certain area’s to write in the terms “No Flipping for 90 days” and does not even guarantee they will except a low ball offer rather than foreclose!


who do you get the list from?


We get our list from Wells Fargo, Regions, Chase.


The contact will be someone inside at the bank! Who that person is depends on your relationship with someone at B of A in your area!

B of A produces the list, recieving it is based on relationships with someone able to distribute it! It is no secret that all banks can be of tremendous help in real estate investing provided you create the right relationships! (This is not a branch employee or branch manager)

Every bank in our country updates their NOD list every week, finding someone who recognizes your the person they want to make sure recieves a copy each week is up to you! How many properties do you buy in your area each month? Are you working with the real estate agency who primarily represents the banks in your area? Have you promoted your business to B of A, Chase, Wells Fargo and Citi Bank, etc. representatives in your area as a viable professional buyer with ability and track record adiquate to handle any property situation reguardless of price or location?

Real estate is about relationships, as you build your real estate investment business people will come out of the “Woodwork” to provide you information you need and some information you don’t want or didn’t want to know!


You are 100% right GR.

I bank with Bank of America, and I’m glad that they re-thought their so called brilliant idea to charge a fee for debit cards.