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Need advise! !

Since 4 week I am working with Countrywide Home Loans on a short sale; finally last week a analyst was assigned to review. Now since 3 days I try to contact her - leave a message, but she never returns my call. Is somebody out there who knows another way to find out if the package is accepted.

Please let me know! ! !

I would keep calling and calling like 4 times a day… Maybe hit zero to see if you can get someone else or at least a real person.

Thanks for the advise!

I did not tried to hit zero so far, but I will start Monday!

Thanks again!

Word to the wise …
Countrywide has got to be the worst to deal with. They are so far behind and they are just to big. I know some of you probably do well with them, however if it is not a great deal for us then we don’t even deal with them. They are a mess.
Good Luck.

Thanks Property_Girl!

It’s my first with them, and I am getting really nervous;

I have an buyer for this property already - so just wish me the best!

When you talk to the bank and the attorney you MUST speak with authority and confidence. Be very nice to everyone and have some patience and you will get the results you are looking for. :slight_smile:

Thanks! !

I’ll keep you posted!

Just an example of just how much a mess Countrywide is.

We are in the middle of a short with Countrywide and when we submitted an offer they told us it would be 4 weeks before they could review it. :o


called Countrywide this morning, hit zero, and talked to a customer service rep, (suprise, suprise), he told me when you leave a message with your assigned workout analyst give them 48 hour to return your call; if they don’t call then contact their supervisor.

My package is now over 6 weeks with Countrywide, it took them 4 weeks to assign an analyst.

The are a mess, you’re right! :slight_smile:

Ask the rep to tell you the new notes on the account. Ask them if the person noted anything about recieving the docs. Just to let you know… an anaylst reviews to see if all docs are there. Don’t worry about them at all. Just keep asking the customer service rep if they noted anything on the account or need anything from you. If not, quit worrying about it.

That person can’t do shit for you anyway! Call everyday to see if it has been assigned to a processor yet. That is the KEy!!! If it’s not after awhile they will let you know why, and that will mean that they need something from you. make sense? countrywide isn’t that bad. they are just slow, actually to me one of the easier to work with most of the time. Just know your stuff! They will respond. They just don’t like wasting time with people who don’t know what they are talking about. Then you will never get another call from them, They are one of the top dogs if you know what I mean

Thanks OklamhomaSS for the advise!

The analyst finally called me back yesterday, and mentioned that my paperwork looks fine, but she needs an inside appraisal - BPO - and he contacted me last night. Tomorrow morning I meet with him at the house. The only thing what confuses me a bid is: she told me that we might have to postpone the sale, what is scheduled for Oct. 25th, and there will be a 2month payment in order to postpone. I have not heard of this before, did you? Please advise - Thanks!