Are bandit sgns illegal to put on telephone poles? if so where can i put the signs at? i need to know asap…


It varies by your county (or city) code. Where do you live? The best thing I could suggest is that you go onto your county’s website and look up the code. Most counties may have a problem with you putting signs on the poles. You may want to putthem other places if this will stop you. The worst they will do is fine you… maybe a few hundred dollars or so. Think of it as the cost of doing business. If you prefer not to be on that side of the bandwagon, do some other type of advertising to get other to call you.


Hence the name “bandit signs”. In most counties and cities, it is a violation to place signs on county or city property and even on private property in some locations. Some areas allow you to purchase a use permit other do not.

Most areas have fines that can be levied for violators some are moderate and some are outrages.

Before using bandit signs make sure; you check your local ordinances before you use them.

Yes, it is very likely that it is illegal. The question most investors want to know about is will you be fined. While some people would have you go to the county, only your local real estate inestors will know for sure. Make sure to ask around because most inestors dont use bandit signs(most investors do very little but thats neither here nor there) and the investors who do use them are VERY protective of thier secrets - because bandit signs work so well!

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